Astro/Tarot Session

Astro/Tarot Session

from 25.00

Charts and cards for creatives. Project pathways. Cleaning strategy. I love engaging in this way. Sometimes the months are busy - I open up what I can when I can. 

You have options! Remote or in-person; tarot only, natal chart only, or both; specific queries or an open-ended read.

- $25 remote three-card pull with audio or written feedback

- $50 remote eight-card pull with written or audio feedback

- $100 remote astro-tarot session - I'll pull your birth chart then do an 8-card reading in tune with current transits - audio or written feedback

- $100 in-person medicine wheel pull with meditation and bodywork {1-2 hours}

- $150 in-person 8-card pull with natal chart reading, plus meditation and bodywork {2-3 hours}

You will be contacted over purchase to review the deets. If you ordered a remote session, I'll touch base asap and aim to get feedback to you within 72 hours. If you selected an in-person session, I'll send my calendar. If you have a query for the reading, make it known. If you select the natal chart option, I'll need to know your exact time and place of birth at least a few hours before we meet. 

Let's dig deep. There is so much in there. Always.


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