Next-level sustainability for theatre and film folx


I'm calling in a collective of up-and-coming makers who are seeking the ease and permission necessary to do what we do.

TRIBE is a freshly curated collection of vibrant, sensual, seasonally-attuned resources designed to bring you into deep alignment with your body, your heart, your mind. For full expression. For experiential living. For being human in public, even and especially when you don't want to. For doing more of the magical work you already do in the time you don't have.

Every week I scour dozens of resources to map my way to sanity, ease, and reliable returns on my energetic and creative investments. I track the moon. I watch the sky. I note the seasons. I listen to my body.  I’ve been sharing these downloads with my inner circle for years. Now it’s open to YOU.



  • ME in your inbox every Monday morning offering up a roadmap for the week: when to crunch, when to rest, when to play.

  • Access to an ever-growing artists' apothecary of meditations, movement sessions, mouth yoga, vocal warm-ups, and journal and ritual prompts to reliably harness the cosmic rhythms already pulling on you.

  • Recipes, grocery lists, and easy seasonal nutrition suggestions.

  • Playlists galore.

  • Actionable, self-paced, overflowing practice with multiple downloads for deeply layered personal journey.

  • Live monthly virtual and IRL gatherings with the most badass creatives I know from all over the globe.

  • Instant access to my most recent offerings, in your inbox, on your phone, on the go, wherever you need it most in the five minutes you have free today.

  • First dibs on my newest magic. I’m always stirring up something to keep us healthy and sane. I’ll try anything!

  • All of it tuned to the rhythms of a life in theatre and film.


This is years in the making, alchemized by hours of conversation and collaboration with teary-eyed, burnt out students, colleagues, and friends. I hear you. I see you. I know your path. I'll set you up with community, prompts, cathartic movement, selected readings and more as this baby grows into what it wants to be. 



  • Actors, designers, stage managers, directors, writers, technicians, filmmakers, producers - if you work in the storytelling and entertainment industry, I made this for you.
  • Makers who are down with astrology and lunar rhythms, or want to be.
  • Lovers of the mystical, mysterious aspects of our humanity, planet, and universe.
  • Makers who are too freaking busy to know when to slow down and when to push harder.
  • Seekers of process and permission.
  • Burnt out creators exhausted by broken patriarchal systems of training and working.
  • Anyone ready to have the hard conversations about how to make it all BETTER.

We chose a ridiculously hard industry and we have this one life to figure to maximize on our innate talents and abilities. Let's circle and level up together to leave this place better than we found it.


As a welcome gift, you get an annual pass for just $69. That's 30% off. 

Oh, and you lock that price in for the life of the offering. Yep!


PLUS these bonuses:

2018 MOON MAP- A gorgeous, full-color printable guide to this year's new and full moons, including the ruling houses, so you know where to put your hustle. 

MOON CLASS- A digital course to walk you through the basics of my private circle work for free as a gift for joining the Tribe, so you can get caught up and strategy-ready extra fast. Launches in July.

This deal isn't available anywhere else. It expires at midnight. I can't wait to circle with you.


I'll keep you grounded while you do what you do best. We have so many things to make.